Our automated solutions put your specific needs in the forefront, merging configurable workflow with best practices to fit many industries, countries, and company sizes. We focus on optimizing the way you work, enhancing productivity, facilitating communication, lowering costs, and heightening ROI.

Scalable, adaptable and designed to anticipate any possible issues that may arise, our solutions have been developed over decades in-house and use Oracle-based technology to meet your precise needs. Given our experience working in different fields, we have specialized solutions for different industries, sectors, and institutional requirements. Highly secured, there’s no compromise on data integrity.

In fact, all our solutions have built in Segregation of Duties and access security controls on modules and even fields level. Our team works with you to ensure our solutions meets your needs and are the right solutions for your present and future needs. In addition, you can personalize terms and labels and can select the language you prefer. Smart solutions, they reduce data entry errors and resulting risks. Designed for quick navigation and meticulously developed to save you time and money, Logos solutions heighten performance and fuel your digital transformation.



With digital transformation happening across all sectors and facets of life, and e-government being more vital than ever with the rise of smart cities, Government Resource Planning (GRP) is a unique solution for the public sector’s specific needs to improve and/or enhance on the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery in the public sector from financial and information management to decision-making. Providing automation, a workflow engine, a document management system, budgeting, reporting, and other key features, Logos GRP is ideal for all ministries and governmental bodies.

Customizable and modular, our solution is tailored to meet your country’s laws, leading international practices, and your government’s objectives. This extends to budget-driven Commitment Accounting. Logos GRP covers every aspect of the government budget cycle from Budget

Preparation to Budget Execution. Moreover, it facilities the monitoring of funds and donations coming from different sources and the expenses of different projects. Logos GRP is also a solution for Government Performance Management, Government Services, and Accountability that addresses complex mandates, complex Chart of Accounts (COA) design, citizens’ right to an open government, and local and international public sector reporting standards. Client-focused while remaining compliant to standards and laws, it is customizable. In addition to our team tailoring LUMS to optimally meet your precise needs today and anticipate your future requirements, the solution lets you personalize terms and labels and allows you to select the language you prefer.

Logos GRP includes performance enhancing modules including Transaction Workflow System (TWFS), Cost and Budget System (CBS), and Projects and Grants (Project Accounting). Our TWFS has a workflow engine and document management system that is essential to automation. Our CBS is the backbone of budgeting cost, complex COA, reporting, and more. Our Projects and Grants module assists you in managing projects, expenditures (direct or indirect), as well as grants from funds, with follow-up on completion and financial controls (from fund transfer requests to approval, fund transfer, bank statements, etc.).
GRP helps the public sector improve services while assisting with on-going reform and change. Comprehensive and customized to optimally answer the diverse requirements of different entities within the public sector, Logos GRP seamlessly integrates and automates Financial Resources Planning and HR across all government entities.