Our automated solutions put your specific needs in the forefront, merging configurable workflow with best practices to fit many industries, countries, and company sizes. We focus on optimizing the way you work, enhancing productivity, facilitating communication, lowering costs, and heightening ROI.

Scalable, adaptable and designed to anticipate any possible issues that may arise, our solutions have been developed over decades in-house and use Oracle-based technology to meet your precise needs. Given our experience working in different fields, we have specialized solutions for different industries, sectors, and institutional requirements. Highly secured, there’s no compromise on data integrity.

In fact, all our solutions have built in Segregation of Duties and access security controls on modules and even fields level. Our team works with you to ensure our solutions meets your needs and are the right solutions for your present and future needs. In addition, you can personalize terms and labels and can select the language you prefer. Smart solutions, they reduce data entry errors and resulting risks. Designed for quick navigation and meticulously developed to save you time and money, Logos solutions heighten performance and fuel your digital transformation.


At Logos, we have in-depth knowledge of banking and international banking standards. This empowers us to offer banks and financial institutions completely customized software solutions. We give them the ability to store their data in one data warehouse solution which can be used as a single source of information to run our solutions for regulatory reporting, business intelligence and IFRS9. Our Oracle based solution is the choice of multiple banks and is interfaced with major international core banking solutions. Having one source of information for all these pillars reduces the risk of the inaccurate or incomplete reporting of data. This also eliminates data discrepancy, saves time, facilitates standard formal reporting, and even lets you create your own customized and ad hoc reports.

Our solution relies on the best technologies in the market which enables our clients to benefit from a high level of data security. Clients can collect data from multiple systems and benefit from all the functionalities of our three models in one: Management Information System (MIS), IFRS9, and Business Intelligence (BI).
Our solution is designed to be flexible and user friendly which enables business users to customize, create, and maintain reports without additional development or IT involvement. In today’s fast paced regulatory environment with ever-increasing enforcement, the risk of not reporting accurately and in a timely manner can cost banks and financial institutions millions in fines in addition to reputational damage.