Our automated solutions put your specific needs in the forefront, merging configurable workflow with best practices to fit many industries, countries, and company sizes. We focus on optimizing the way you work, enhancing productivity, facilitating communication, lowering costs, and heightening ROI.

Scalable, adaptable and designed to anticipate any possible issues that may arise, our solutions have been developed over decades in-house and use Oracle-based technology to meet your precise needs. Given our experience working in different fields, we have specialized solutions for different industries, sectors, and institutional requirements. Highly secured, there’s no compromise on data integrity.

In fact, all our solutions have built in Segregation of Duties and access security controls on modules and even fields level. Our team works with you to ensure our solutions meets your needs and are the right solutions for your present and future needs. In addition, you can personalize terms and labels and can select the language you prefer. Smart solutions, they reduce data entry errors and resulting risks. Designed for quick navigation and meticulously developed to save you time and money, Logos solutions heighten performance and fuel your digital transformation.

Logos ERP is the perfect solution for your organization’s digital transformation, whether it is small, mid-size, or large and regardless of your sector and industry. Since we own the solution, we can customize it to meet your present needs and to anticipate your future requirements. Our financial solution offers outstanding scalability and flexibility with strong financial reporting that make it incredibly adaptable to the regulations and standards of different countries. And our supply chain, complaint, grievance, and HR modules also come together to comprehensively answer your needs.

Every organization’s success happens thanks to its people creativity, commitment, and motivation to thrive by achieving results. To focus on your main activities, resources need to have the right tools to connect business processes together to generate optimal productivity so you can reach your desired outcome and peak efficiency.

Logos provides organizations with a fully integrated ERP that fits your way of doing business. Our ERP solution is fully customizable and has comprehensive business functionalities that incorporate leading best practices in Accounting, Sales, Procurement, Supply Chain, Customer Relationship, Human Resources, and more. Most importantly, we own our solutions and through our expert team and solid resources, we guarantee fast deployment, successful projects, customer satisfaction, great return on investment, and a significantly cost effective solution.

Financial Suite

Logos Financials is a great tool for organizations of any size, with its multi-companies, multi-branches and multi-currencies capacity, it provides the most scalable and dynamic solution for managing daily, monthly, quarterly and/or yearly operations, providing reporting at an entity level or at a consolidated level.

Logos Financials relies on multi-dimensional multi-level segments, such as chart or accounts, cost centers, projects and/or third parties, capturing details while providing analytical reports and dashboards. The modules fully integrate to ensure budget control based on approval levels, aging and notifications on payables and receivables, online balances of customer, supplier, cash & bank accounts, tracking of customers’ dues.

As direct results to being full and comprehensive, Logos Financials provide automation of specialized cycles across departments, such as procurement, projects & studies follow-up, orders management.


Organizations today consider Human Resources (HR) as a strategic pillar and asset to their growth. This is why choosing the most complete and ideal HR software is vital to engaging and empowering your employees. Our robust yet flexible HR solution, perfected over many years of in-house development, provides organizations with the potential to benefit from best practices adapted to their daily operations.

Logos HR is a full fledge Oracle based solution that automates HR processes and can be completely customized to meet all your Human Resources processes and needs. Keep track of information on employees and their dependents in our personnel module. Manage the Payroll with a system configured for the rules and regulations of your country. Interact with local authorities. Manage and monitor attendance and time allocation. Build and control HR budgets. Manage recruitment, training, performance, and appraisals. Generate standard letters. Have both a manager and employee self-service portal that can be used as a main portal for your organization as well as to automate the relationship between all stakeholders
To link people to profit, pinpoint improvements and allow comparisons with benchmarks, Logos HR solution comes with a powerful BI tool that enables HR management to analyse data, spot weaknesses, analyse trends, and make decisions based on facts gleaned from complex extensive data.

Supply Chain

Logos Supply Chain offers comprehensive stock and inventory management, warehouse management, and fleet management in one efficient solution.

Our Stock & Inventory, Warehouse Management module helps you manage stock (products and items conveniently split based on packaging or sizes or colors). Controls can easily be configured to restrict types of transaction by location type to specific user groups. The module lets you seamlessly manage warehouses, areas, locations, and goods on consignment. It also makes organizing warehouses and restricting locations for specific types of goods (e.g. tools, consumables, etc.) simple.

Our Fleet Management module manages your entire fleet with drivers. The module is fully ready to monitor your fleet insurance, maintenance, movement, fuel consumption, and accidents as well as your drivers’ information and needed licenses.

Complaint and Grievance

Logos Complaint and Grievance module empowers you with the flexibility to automate several types of complaints and grievances.

From online case filing (with attachments when necessary) to recording suggested corrective measures (for later analysis), enhance your response time with Logos Complaint and Grievance. With this module, you can involve various participants (employee, customer, supplier, consultant, lawyer, location, company, etc.) and use dashboards to improve the quality
of service/sale, take corrective measures and boost revenues. This solution integrates with other modules such as Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Personnel & Payroll, and HR Evaluation, to automate even more of your processes.