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Logos Enterprise Resource Planning System is the perfect solution for your organiztion's digital transformation, whether it is small, midsize, or large and regardless of your sector and industry. Since we own the solution, we can customize it to meet your present needs and to anticipate your future requirements.

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LOGSIS virtual campus seamlessly connects academic systems to individuals and communities, streamlining and automating the different processes and allowing data-driven management and organization to facilitate communication and resource sharing for successful teaching and learning. LOGSIS plug-ins go even further.

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Automating regulatory reporting, compliance with the Central Bank, International Financial Reporting Standards and enhancing data-driven decision making are our main focus in the financial sector. Flexible and sturdy, our solutions for the banking allow you to generate formal and customized reports and charts.

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Natural resources are being depleted while the demand for energy, water, and other utilities continues to grow. Logos LUMS is modular, bilingual, and customizable. It makes it easy to get decision-making data on projects and studies, collection, CRM, profit and loss, billing records, payment history, and much more.

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Government Resource Planning (GRP) with digital transformation touching all sectors, e-government is becoming more vital than ever. LGRP is a unique solution to improve and/or enhance on the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery from financial and information management to decision-making.

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Logos offers a secure, speedy, financials solution developed especially for money transfer companies. The financial money transfer system offers reporting, analysis, and control while covering the needs of all parties from agents to service providers, shareholders, locations, and even sister-companies.

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Logos was the first to offer Oracle technology services in Lebanon and was a pioneer in the MENA region. Leaders in providing and implementing Oracle technology, we have 25 years of experience in Business Intelligence, Real Application Clustering, GoldenGate, Dataguard, Fusion Middleware, Application Server.

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OLIB is a highly configurable integrated library system that allows you to customize all areas of library management and end-user discovery to reflect your local requirements, thereby enabling more efficient workflows and saving in staff time. with OLIB you get added value at an attainable cost. OLIB includes circulation, cataloguing, ..

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With head offices in Beirut, Logos has been at the forefront of technology and exceptionally meticulous customer service since 1993. The first to bring Oracle solutions to Lebanon and a pioneer in the MENA region, we have evolved to offer specialized software solutions that are tailored for the specific needs of diverse industries and sectors and are customized for the individual requirements of your business. The knowledge and experience amassed over the past 25 years have made us a turnkey enterprise solutions powerhouse and a trusted name in a highly competitive and fast paced market.

We are shaped by our heritage, catalysed by the present, and driven by informed anticipation of what the future holds. From moving to the cloud to expanding even further into different markets (Lebanon, Iraq, UAE, Qatar, Syria, Oman, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Middle East and Africa), we are always committed to best serving our clients: banks, financial institutions, universities, utilities, F&B, the public sector, distribution, retail, and companies in different industries.


From helping with data migration to providing technical consiltancy services, Logos is your partner in digital transformation. Our aftersales, follow-up, and maintenance services are exceptional. And since our solutions are developed in-house, we offer a practical 24/7 online platform to track any query.


Logos is the ideal company to build a career, especially since we offer regular training and the opportunity to innovate. For more than 25 years, we have championed diversity and inclusion and fostered a friendly work environment. If you have the potential, talent or experience to be part of our team, then send your cover letter and CV to EMAIL.

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Are you a fresh graduate with 0-2 years of experience? Do you have a passion for IT solutions and digital transformation? Are you eager to learn from experienced professionals? And do you want to innovate? Then Logos is here to nurture your potential and launch your career.



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