Our Mission

In Stoicism, the power of reason resides in the Human Soul…Logos offers its solutions not only to organizations, but more specifically to the people working in these organizations, who make all the difference in our business and their respective lines of business / industries…

Logos software solutions are powerful enterprise applications that utilize the power of more than two hundred man years of professional experience in Computer and Business procedures; this enables us to bring forth state of the art software applications capable of providing our clients with the most cost effective solutions for their business & technology needs.

Our experience in implementing our ERP solutions in a variety of businesses and industries, encompassing the medium size trading companies to the large airline corporations with more than four thousand employees or the highly sophisticated communication companies, powers our strong dedication to provide our clients with solutions having minimum complexity and cost; hence, enabling customers to focus on what they do best.

Logos is committed to provide the right solution to the right organization at the right time.

Our Story

Logos is a leading regional information technology & enterprise solution provider. Logos, with head offices in Beirut, Lebanon, was established in 1993.

Our company reacts to worldwide changes by presenting to our customers cutting-edge software solutions meeting their business & technology needs. Our leading-edge solutions are based on the first ranked worldwide database ORACLE© which is known internationally as a solid foundation in the industry.

Logos is an official ORACLE© distributor in Lebanon on all technology platforms and OLIB7 (a Library Management Information System) distributor in the Arab Countries. Logos offers it's state-of-the art solutions directly and through partners in the Arab world.

Our Team

Logos's workforce is drawn from a range of people with diverse skills and backgrounds. Our objective is to attract and retain high performing people.

Our employees are a key part of our success. Every person in Logos is critical to our ability to adapt and embrace change in order to generate outstanding business results.